Becoming A Member

National professional teacher associations are invited to contact the AAAE Business Administration Manager to submit an application to join AAAE. The conditions of membership are stated in the AAAE Constitution:
  1. The AAAE admits Members who are interested in the Objectives of AAAE and that the Board in its absolute discretion admits to membership in accordance with the Constitution
  2. The Board may provide for categories of membership on such conditions as the Board determines
  3. An incorporated association may apply for membership of the AAAE by writing to the AAAE Business Administration Manager and enclosing a copy of that association’s constitution/rules
  4. At the next meeting of the Board, after the receipt of any application for membership, such application shall be considered by the Board, which will determine the admission or rejection of the applicant.
  5. When an applicant has been accepted for membership, the Business Administration Manager will send the applicant written notice of the association’s acceptance and a request for payment of the association’s annual membership fee.
  6. The membership fee payable by members of the AAAE is determined by the AAAE Board.
  7. All annual subscriptions shall become due and payable in advance on the first (1st) day of January in every year

Membership Application Form

To be eligible to be a member association of the AAAE an association must:
  1. be a formally constituted incorporated national teaching association
  2. have elected officers representing their members
  3. be prepared to pay an annual membership fee as determined by the Board
  4. be committed to having a member of their national governing body or an ex-officio member attend Members’ Forum meetings on a regular basis
  5. have members or affiliates in a majority of Australian states and territories.
2024 Membership fee is $320. For further information, or for a membership renewal form, please email  Please use the form below to apply for new membership with the AAAE. All fields are required.

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