Strategic Plan 2014-2017


The AAAE vision is representing Member national professional teachers’ associations, so that their voice and the voice of the teachers and educators they represent are heard by the appropriate statutory authorities and governments for the improvement of Australian educational policy and practice. Such representation is to be in consultation with and approval of AAAE Member Associations.

* Relevant Object statements from the November 2013 AAAE constitution


  1. provide a forum through which national professional teachers’ associations can exercise a critical appraisal of developments in the Australian education agenda
  2. develop and promote positions on education issues in Australia
  3. represent Member Associations on policy development bodies, at forums and through direct negotiation with jurisdictions at the national and state level
  4. provide representative input and feedback to the appropriate statutory authorities and jurisdictions
  5. provide a voice for the teaching profession on professional matters as relevant to the work of Member Associations
  6. develop the capacity of national professional teachers’ associations to respond to national policy issues, initiatives and directions
  7. share discourse and evidence-based research on education
  8. provide high quality professional learning resources in consultation with and agreement from Member Associations
  9. be a conduit between professional teachers’ associations, the media and jurisdictions where this does not conflict with the goals of Member Associations
  10. promote communication and collaboration between Member Associations.

 AAAE Strategic Directions are to:

  1. create a collaborative network of professional teacher associations at the national level
  2. facilitate strategic partnerships
  3. advocate on behalf of members
  4. provide support to professional teacher associations.

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